Hospitality Business Solutions

Hotels & Resorts, Villas, Lobbies, Eating Areas, Outdoor Terraces, Reception Areas, Entrances Areas, Foyers, Motels, Hostels, Home Stay Complexes and other various businesses involved with hospitality need carefully selected music for the guests to feel relaxed and comfortable.
Creating the right atmosphere plays an important role in the success of any hospitality venture and the kind of experience you want people to have when they stay with you.

Natya Resort Ubud_Villa Inside

Make your Hotel sounds as good as it looks!

You’re in the hospitality business. It is not only the beds, the room colours, decoration or the lobby atmosphere that makes your hotel different and memorable.
The music in your lobby, eating and drinking areas, reception, elevator, outdoor terraces and welcoming area says a lot about your brand. No two businesses are exactly the same. So why play the same ordinary radio music or repeat all over again custom-made iPod playlists or free online music channels that get played in malls, shops and bars? You’re not a cut-rate inn, so why sound like it?

The Legian Bali, Beach View

Stimulate them so they want to stay. Again!

Guests are always coming and going. Stimulate them to come back by creating a positive and memorable experience. Whatever your style is boutique hotel, short stay villa, motel, home stay complex or full serviced resort, the right music sets a welcoming mood and relaxing atmosphere. Music is the  key element in creating an enjoyable, memorable experience for your guests. Music makes a lasting impression. Don’t discount the power of music to add to the special ingredients. You’re striving to deliver comfort, relaxation, positive energy and mood.

Shouldn’t I work with a professional audio system and adviser ?

We offer music service that suits your needs, auto mixing player with tailor made music channels designed specifically for your brand. Our music professionals work directly with you. We believe nobody better than you know your clients. Take control and engage your customers with the right music, create a unique feel and image for your business. Like your hotel rates, we offer group rates for multiple locations and we’re responsive to our customers needs and desires.

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