Artificial Intelligence is gradually taking over the world! Things are becoming pre-programmed to suit people’s tastes, preferences, habits and even moods! Music is not left alone in technology’s drive to make the world a happier and more relaxed place. Giving its peculiar nature of being “able to touch and heal the soul,” when artificial intelligence is added to music, the experience is fascinating, and the feeling is simply out-of-the-world.

The Power of Pre-programmed or Targeted Music!

Playing pre-programmed music in your restaurant, bar or hotel will make your guests experience peace, feel at home and even feel loved. The therapeutic effect of properly planned and presented In-store music will make your guests thoroughly enjoy themselves and will make them crave a comeback experience that will translate into better sales and recommendations.

Most operators in the hospitality industry make the mistake of playing their iPods, radios or personal playlists in their venues. This method does not show that the business is operated according to current trends. This system is to be avoided because of the following reasons:

  1. Customers’ tastes differ: Playing your iPod, radio or own kind of music in your restaurant, bar or hotel could make your customers feel uncomfortable and may not satisfy their reason for coming there in the first place – to relax, refresh or enjoy themselves. words etc.
  2. Radio static and unwanted advertisements: Radio static is another issue. Other radio stations may be ‘bleeding’ through thus spoiling the entire experience. Adverts for your competitors could also be on air in the presence of your customers or guests. What a terrible experience that could be!
  3. Employee downtimes: Entertaining your customers and guests with music you can’t control may cause employee downtimes when employees may have to leave their work to fidget with the radio, iPod or any other ‘misbehaving’ device following customer complaints. This translates to poor service and extra costs on your part. Your employees’ productivity is also enhanced when they are refreshed by constantly updated music.

How will MusicGuruz system Help You?

MusicGuruz system is a music player developed as a solution to these problems and was designed in such a way that your customers and guests will be given a musical entertainment treat that is tailored and targeted towards their needs just as if you are a mind or mood reader! Its high points include:

• Designed by a team of professional sound engineers, professional DJs
• Digital music is uploaded to your computer to be played on your speakers
• Unlimited hours of high-quality, re-mastered, balanced, equalized and auto-mixed music
• A wide variety of different music genres, channels or themes tailored to choose from
• Fits into any Windows computer
• Music is played through a user password
• Continually updated every four months
• Dedicated Customer Support services
• Two-week free trial
• Two-week free trial

MusicGuruz system is currently being used by:

Royal Tulip – Bogor, Rama Group: Al Dente, BluFin, Stadium, Zen Sushi, Ayana Resort: Rimba Unique, The Legian – Seminyak, Rob Peetom, Rosso Vivo, Spicery, Flapjack, Pepito, House Wifes on Fire, Bread & Honey, etc. Getting it today may just be the best thing you have done for your guests!