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We don’t sale music. We don’t sale software. We do Music Consulting and Music Service.

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For the 7 years that we work with MusicGuruz. I’m very satisfied, very good customer service, prompt action on comments and needs for music playlist and content. The music is very conceptualised and aligned with each areas and day’s periods.

It was with great pleasure to work with such a competent and service-oriented person as Mr. Martin Denev. From the initial stages of our pre-opening till after the opening itself he was extremely helpful and supportive. The plan he implemented in the first place was a showcase of his experience and customer orientation. Starting with sample playlists for each area to see if this is in line with our direction and afterwards developing this further into complete sets is just one example of his passion. And this became very beneficial as it was not just about setting up the music and getting it done for him; it was even more about analysing what suits best for which place considering also the time of the day. Once we received the first complete playlists for all venues he did not stop there and kept checking on suitability and guests’ feel. This after-service is obviously something hard to find, however he went out of his way to ensure we got a long-term great playlist in each area. I thank Mr. Martin a lot for his dedication shown towards the Aryaduta Hotel, Kuta, Bali. At any given time, I would work with him again on projects and can highly recommend his company MusicGuruz to any place seeking the perfect solution for their music.

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A personalized music strategy can support a retail brand and makes a powerful connection with specific target markets by incorporating customer demographics (such as age, gender mix and income levels) and psychographics (such as preferences, lifestyles, personality and attitudes). By understanding the demographics and psychographics of its target market, retailers can create an audio environment where their customers feel comfortable, relaxed and happy to spend time and money. The use of carefully selected music creates an immediate distinction for a retail brand by establishing the right mood. Music can motivate the subconscious and create a first and lasting impression….(more)

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