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Clients already using it ?2018-03-10T12:41:59+00:00

We serve complete Ayana Resort: Rimba is using at Unique, the beach bar Kubu, DaVa and Damar. The Legian Bali Hotel we do The Lobby, The Pool Bar and Champagne Bar.Royal Tulip Gunung Geulis, Bogor we cover all areas like The Lobby, Breeze, Fire, LLOne, Gym, SPA.For Coco Group we take care of  Naty’s – Nusa Dua, Gourmet Cafe – Nusa Dua, Naty’s – Seminyak, Natya Resort – Tanah Lot, Naty’s – Tanah Lot, Natys 1 – Gili Trawangan, Natys 2 – Gili Trawangan, Natya Hotel – Gili Trawangan, Natya Resort – Ubud, Natya Hotel – Kuta and many more, detailed info in Our Clients page.


New music will be provided every two months. If there are any technical issues the MusicGuruz technicians will be around to resolve them immediately. You will have uninterrupted high quality music designed to bring about good feelings for customers and staff. All of our clients are free to change to any of our different musical channels whenever they like.

How does the MusicGuruz system work ?2018-03-05T04:17:30+00:00
Ways To Play Songs - Double Click Channel

Ways To Play Songs – Double Click Channel


Music player created to play digital music is installed and music is uploaded to your computer and connected to your store speakers. A password is given allowing the player to work and access the different musical channels.

How is MusicGuruz different from other music systems ?2018-01-27T10:47:23+00:00

All of the music is professionally re-mastered, balanced and equalized. It’s a super easy system to use. It’s auto mixing. Music is continually updated. You will have demonstration and the one month FREE trial period, if you are satisfied with the system, unlimited professional service is provided.

Is there any special offer ?2018-01-27T10:31:58+00:00

You can test the MusicGuruz Music system for one month absolutely FREE of any charge and with no obligation to continue after the trial period. Our professional technicians will install the system to your computer at no cost and will be at hand throughout the trial period to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Music roots.2018-01-27T10:33:04+00:00

With more than 30 years of experience in the music industry, in 2013 several music lovers have joined forces and decided to develop a one of a kind music service. We are a creative company of talented disc jockeys, music programmers, music collectors, creative audio producers, voice talent and artist managers. We understand sales, marketing and the music industry. We have relationships with industry professionals, record labels, chart-topping bands, singers, songwriters, producers and publishers.

We have been there, seen most of it and we aren’t just limited to certain countries or even continents.
Our music source base and catalogue has been collected over the decades directly from professional music conferences and from recording labels and producers in the highest quality formats available, starting from the good old vinyls till promo only cd’s collected over the yeas directly from the record labels, producers and publishers on various music conferences like Miami Winter Conference, Amsterdam Dance Event and so on

What are the benefits of MusicGuruz system ?2018-03-10T12:58:04+00:00

Business owners can relax knowing that their customer space is not being bombarded by poorly sourced repetitive music and they don’t need to spend all the hours finding the right music themselves.

A very easy system to use, just two clicks away.

We provide a system which helps you take control of your music and gives you the opportunity to be your own dj

Employees will feel refreshed by hearing continually updated music.

Customers will stay in your store longer when the music has been properly designed for their pleasure.

What do I need to use your services ?2018-03-10T13:17:30+00:00

The MusicGuruz system is designed to fit any windows computer already in use in a hospitality or retail environment. So you don‘t need to invest in any more equipment. You will need 50 GB available space on your hard drive. Actually the player itself don’t need much space and it is very light. That is the space you will need because each songs is the highest quality of mp3 320 mp3, so each music channel is approximately 2GB.

What is channel ?2018-01-27T10:43:42+00:00

Is tailor-made playlist which we named channel as using our system you can create additional playlist yourself. Each channel contains a carefully selected music genre, each genre has a unique number and title and contains 14 hours of music, mastered and shortened the way professional DJ’s will play.

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