Food & Drinks Solutions

Restaurants, Warung, Fast Food (McDonalds, Pizza Hut…etc), Cafes, Beach Bars, Sports Bar, Nightclubs, Pubs, Social Clubs, Wine Bar, Snacks, Brasserie, Banqueting Suites, Event Planners, Quick Service Restaurants and many other businesses serving food and drinks need right music to increase turnover and deliver recognisable, memorable and enjoyable service. Music makes a great first impression.

Complete your client experience & satisfaction!

You need a lot of time and thought for the many elements that make up your business. For a restaurant or bar the right sounds complement tasteful food, drinks, coffee, tea and the service. What is playing in your restaurant or bar says a lot about you, stimulates your employees, satisfies the customers who visit and delivers the experience you want your guests to have. It is not only about the chairs, decoration, local ingredients, tasteful food or the original drinks and cocktails. Remember that music can make your restaurant or bar recognisable, memorable and enjoyable.

I think I can do it myself!

Most owners like to play their own music, meaning they’re using an iPod, iTunes, iPad, CD’s, radio or repeat all over again custom made playlists. It’s a lot more work, with songs that often have different volumes, don’t fit or are inappropriate.

Think about the drinks and food you serve, why not simply go to the supermarket, buy ready food and cocktails and sell that? Because it’s ordinary, doesn’t set you apart from others and is even funny. It is exactly same with the music. But what about your employees? They most likely have their own musical preferences, but are they the same as your customer base, your image or maybe you want them to listen repetitive music mix all day every day?

Not at all. Turn first-timers into regulars by creating an experience to remember and repeat.

Shouldn’t I work with a professional audio system & adviser?

We offer music service that suits your needs, auto mixing player with tailor made music channels designed specifically for your brand. We believe nobody better than you know your clients. Take control and engage your customers with the right music, create a unique feel and image for your business. Our music services are individual and diverse so we can provide exactly the right kind of service for a variety of restaurant concepts. For restaurants with multiple locations or fast food service restaurants we offer “built for you” custom system designed specifically for your brand. Our music professionals work directly with you as we’re responsive to our customers needs and desires.