Project Description

Located on one of Bali’s last remaining hidden white sand beach coves, and accessible only through the invigorating 197-step journey, or a quick 35-second ride up and down AYANA’s newly installed inclinator, Kubu Beach Club’s supreme setting showcases aquamarine waters, dramatic limestone cliffs and intrinsic Balinese architecture inspired by island elements such as shell, wood, bamboo, stone and traditional rooftops. Designed to be a main attraction for beachfront relaxing & dining with a capacity of up to 80 guests, Kubu Beach Club is only accessible to in-house guests of AYANA Resort and Spa BALI, RIMBA Jimbaran BALI by AYANA and The Villas at AYANA.

To accompany the traditional design, the kitchen serves an eclectic range of simple international dishes and local comfort foods, such as snapper ceviche and charcoal bun cheeseburgers. The kitchen also serves traditional Balinese dishes and local favorites including signature rice servings, “Bakso balung” an oxtail beef meatball soup, and grilled satays. The Beach Bar reflects the aesthetic of true Balinese camaraderie, with an endless flow of ice-cold beers, fresh coconut water, vintage Balinese Tiki cocktails and Arak based classic cocktails. Guests can expect an inside preview into the golden age of Kuta’s bygone era with authentic amenities such as beachside massages performed under the coconut tree using natural coconut oil.