Beauty & Fashion Music Solutions

Hair Salons, Hairdressers, Barbershop, Fancy Boutiques, Outlets, Clothing Shops, Shoe Store, Perfumeries, Cosmetics, Jewellery Shops, Opticians, Casual Stores, Gift Shops and other business involved in fashion and beauty industry especially need professionally compiled music programs custom designed to inspire their audience. Happy clients shop longer, spend more and they repeat.

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What is the sound colour of your brand?

Welcome your customers into a relaxing musical atmosphere to make their shopping trip feel like being home or even right trendy music can reach the feeling of a real fashion show. Shopping is an experience in which music plays a vital role. No surprise most fashion designers use custom created music for their fashion show. The right music helps your customers feel at home, feel comfortable and gets them into the mood to buy, happy customers stay longer and spend more.

Make your salon different!

Music in a hair salon or barbershop is typically turned off, in some cases is loud to be heard or other simply use average radio station. You think your clients don’t come to your salon because of the music, not right. What’s playing in your salon or barbershop says a lot about your brand and your customers. Music can make your salon different and memorable. Your employees working long shifts and customers usually visiting for an hour or less will both enjoy it.

Shouldn’t I work with a professional audio system and adviser?

We offer music service that suits your needs, auto mixing player with tailor made music channels designed specifically for your brand. Our music professionals work directly with you.

We believe nobody better than you know your clients. Take control and engage your customers with the right music, create a unique feel and image for your business. Like your salon or barbershop rates, we offer group rates for multiple locations and we’re responsive to our customers needs and desires.