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What if I don’t like it ?

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If you don't like it, after the 30 days free trial period the player will stop working and in next couple of days our technician will come to clear / uninstall the system and remove the music.

Is it easy to use ?

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Yes is very easy system to use, just two clicks and you will hear music. Is created to play digital music, is installed and music is uploaded to your computer. A password is given allowing the player to work and access the different musical channels. Each channel contains a carefully selected music genre, each genre [...]

Do I need new sound system ?

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No, our system is software installation and it's simply going to play through your present sound configuration. Also if we notice that you should make any sound improving like changing place of present speakers, connect different areas with different sound volume, we will advice you free of charge.

When you will come ?

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If you set a date in our form we will make sure to have our technician on time. In case we are too busy we will call you and organise other comfortable date and time for both sides.

Do I need to buy new PC ?

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No you don't need to buy new PC. The present one you already have in your venue will do fine. For more than 3 years now we have installed our system on various pc's and never nobody complained. No our player will not slow down your pc.

Do I need my IT present ?

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No, you don't need your IT present when our technician visits your venue. Is simple install and copying of music. In case you have very sensitive IT than make sure is there and follow our process.

Is it really free ?

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Yes it really free for 30 days trial period. No, don't have any other hidden costs and you are not obligated to continue to use the system after the 30 days free period has expired. The player will simply stop working.

How much will cost me ?

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Nothing, the 30-day's free demo is absolutely free of charge. Or maybe one coffee for our technician while is installing the system and programs the music :)

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